R - Programming

R is an interactive, object-oriented language; designed for statistical computing. R is a very powerful language but has an intuitive and easy syntax. R is also used for handling and analyzing large datasets obtained from supercomputing applications and to create high quality visualization for publication via different types of plots like line plots, contour plots, and interactive 3D plot. R has become a favorite language for data analysis and statistical computing for both corporate and academia. R being a free and open source platform, there are n-number of freely available packages using which, you can, not only do your serious statistical analysis, but also can be used as a analysis platform for the problems in the fields such as Bioinformatics, Financial Market Analysis, Pharmacokinetics, Natural language processing etc. AAKSPRO offers hands on training on R Programming at Educational Institutions.

Session Contents :

Introduction on R environment :

  • » Data, Control Structures
  • » Classes, Methods and Scoping Rules
  • » Writing functions, Debugging Tools
  • » Accessing data from a file
  • » Filter and Extract Summary Statistics

Powerful Packages of R :

  • » ggplot2 package to visualize data

R Studio :

  • » Drawing Heatmap
  • » Correlation and Regression Analysis
  • » Scatter Plots
  • » Histograms and Boxplots
  • » Clustering and PCA
  • » Shiny for Creating Interactive Webapps

R Programming :

  • » Data Exploration
  • » Data Visualization